Graduate students are required to read the following notices before uploading so as not to affect your rights or effective processing


  1. Please make sure your thesis meets the approved formatting and templates requirement based on your department and advisor. Moreover, ensure that your thesis has been authorized by your advisor then you can get the account and password from the department secretary to login and upload your electronic thesis.

  2. Before uploading your e-thesis, please confirm if it is the same version as your finalized thesis/dissertation which expected to be printed and bound.

  3. To avoid the burden for reprinting or delay graduate procedures, please print out and bind the final version in a hard copy paper AFTER your thesis has passed the library review (Please make sure you receive an email notification from National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan).

  4. The library will review and confirm the thesis content that is in place in the system is identical to that of the uploaded e-thesis in the system. Please refer to FAQ for avoiding problems that are frequently encountered.

  5. The approved e-thesis will be uploaded to the National Central Library Theses Cloud System immediately. For any necessary revision, please fill in Ming Chuan University Degree Theses Revision Application Form and submit it to Electronic Resources and Information Technology Section of Library.

  6. Ming Chuan University watermark download(PDFGIF)

  7. For further questions related to the thesis creation and submission, please refer to E-thesis Upload Procedure or contact Ms. Jheng, Cih-Cian, Taipei Readers' Services Section of Library at 02-28824564 Ext. 2668 or e-mail to

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